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Curacao is a beautiful island state in the Caribbean peninsula. It was under the colonization of the Dutch for many years during history. Even today many people remember it as  Netherlands Antilles. This tiny island is quite popular among the players due to its casino license. Curacao is one of the oldest casino license providers in the World. Curacao is famous for its gaming license than the country itself therefore many players are familiar with the country.

License is a document obligatory for conducting i-gaming business. Without a license, a business has no legal ground, which means that: it is impossible to open a bank account; top gaming providers will refuse to cooperate with you. A gaming license is a document that lets you organize the proper functioning of your internet casino. It guarantees players the reliability of the casino and the operator its financial stability. If you have a license, you can successfully start and develop your i-gaming project, be it an online casino, lottery, bingo, sports betting, or a company trading binary options.

Curacao license is the most traditional and common license among Online Casinos. Almost half of the Online Casinos around the World operate with a Curacao license. The reason behind this is the scope of the license agreement. Normally many countries issue a license that is just valid in their own country on the other hand with Curacao License you can operate all around the World. According to the law of Curacao, a Curacao licensed Online Casino can operate in all countries around the World. An Online Casino with a Curacao license can get all kinds of services from the World’s most respected providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, etc. You will be able to play all of your favorite slot games, live casino games, and participate in poker tournaments online if you are playing in a Curacao licensed Online Casino.

That is why the vast majority of Online Casinos are holding a Curacao License. An Online Casino with a Curacao license can use all traditional payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, Ecopayz, Skrill, Neteller. In addition, they can also take payments in Cryptocurrency. Yes, you can deposit and withdraw a Curacao licensed Online Casino with your Cryptocurrency. It is a more anonymous, secure, and cheaper way to make these types of online transactions. Curacao is the only country that enabled this. For example, you can not use your Cryptocurrencies at an ( MGA )  Malta registered Online Casino. Their license authority forbids to accept Cryptocurrency payments. Therefore a Curacao Licensed Online Casino should be your address if you are going to play with your Crypto! This is a great deal for the players and it is also the main reason why many players prefer to play at Curacao Licensed Online Casinos.

People say that you can not claim anything legally if the Online Casino you are playing is licensed at Curacao. This is also not true and deceptive kind of perspective. Your legal capabilities are exactly the same with MGA ( Malta ) licensed Online casinos.
Curacao Gaming Authority is a bit more relaxed and lax for Online Casinos although they do also protect the players. If you ever live any kind of problem with an Online Casino licensed by Curacao you can make an official complaint with the name of the website you are playing. Send all available proofs with your complaint. Soon or later Curacao Gaming Authority will contact the casino you are playing with about your issue. This is also the exact same procedure for Online Casinos which are licensed in Malta.

We wish you to never experience this kind of situation at all. Therefore here on our website, we will only promote the most trustworthy Online Casinos. After all, an Online Casino can give you a real headache if their business practices are shady regardless of their license. They can modify their terms and conditions and this might affect your withdrawal as well. That is why we will promote only the most reliable Online Casinos.

Why Curacao License is important?

In order to operate an Online Casino, you will need to get a permit. Without a permit, you can not obtain a license and global providers will not accept to work with you. You can not open a bank account as well if you are not holding a valid license. Curacao License is important because it allows players from all around the world to play in your casino. Even if it is restricted in the home country they do can play in your casino legally according to Curacao legislation.

The other huge advantage of obtaining a Curacao License is to skip the verification process. Many people might think that Malta (MGA) license is more secure and reliable since Malta is a European Union country. However, due to their license, it is obligatory for them to do a verification process and demand documents. These documents are ID, Passport, Driving License, Bank Statement, and utility bill. Collecting all these documents takes almost a couple of days or weeks and sending them and getting them approved takes almost a week. Then you will wait for your withdrawal another week to arrive into your account after you have completed your verification process. With Curacao License you skip all this hassle!

Curacao Licensed Online Casinos do not need to make a verification process and you will not have to send all your details to a website. You will be more secure and anonymous when you are playing in a Curacao Licensed Online Casino.

Personally, if we really compare the Curacao License with the Malta License from players’ point of view I think the Curacao license is much better, safer, and faster however the reliability of an Online Casino does not depend on their license. It depends on the management team who is running the Online Casino. At the end of the day regardless of their license, a malicious, greedy Online Casino can stall your withdrawal as much as they can by terms and conditions or other red tapes they might find or create. We have witnessed a lot of people get scammed by MGA Malta-licensed casinos and they used their terms and conditions part at their shady business practices. Therefore in my perspective with an easy, secure, and faster withdrawal process a Curacao licensed casino is always a better option.

After all, we all play for winning and a casino’s prestige and reputation increase with its ability to pay its players. Curacao Licensed Online Casinos are not obligated to demand documents from the players therefore they shouldn’t do it. It will extend the time a player waits for his or her withdrawal. Withdrawal should be fast like deposit therefore players can be able to trust more to his or her casino more whilst they are enjoying their earnings in peace.

On this website, our goal is to promote you to the best and most trustworthy Online Casinos with a Curacao License. We will cherry-pick the Curacao Licensed Online Casinos with the fastest withdrawal process which also operates in the fairest way to its players. We will demonstrate the most gambler-friendly Online Casinos which do not require a verification process.